Best Industrial Sewing Machines Reviews 2021

A industrial sewing machine is a type of sewing machine designed for heavy duty and industrial sewing purposes. This machine is capable of handling heavy fabrics and is usually used in industrial sewing factories or manufacturing areas. Aside from sewing heavy and denim fabrics, an industrial machine can also perform buttonholes, blind hems, monograms, and quiltings. You might think that heavy duty sewing machines are noisy machines that work fast and have those bulky and solid motors. Not anymore, because most of the modern best industrial sewing machines are now modernized using innovative technologies to work as quietly as possible and at a much higher power for speed and performance.

Although most of the best heavy duty sewing machines available in the market nowadays can be used at home for business or personal purposes, an heavy duty sewing machine differs from a home sewing machine in many aspects. When it comes to performance, both can handle light to heavy fabrics, but the home or domestic sewing machines offer a wide variety of functions and stitches. The industrial sewing machine is designed to do only one stitch. Most manufacturing companies use one for buttonholes, one for zigzag, and one for straight stitch.

Because of the simplicity of tasks for each industrial sewing machine, you will not need to be confused of many options. You will only need to adjust the length of the stitch, if it is a straight stitch machine; or the width of the stitch, if it is a zigzag stitch machine. More than the performance, industrial machines are built to last a lifetime, and in case of repairs or change of parts, you will find that most of the parts are already pre-manufactured and stocked for quick repairs.

Singer S16 Studio Industrial-Grade True Straight Stitch Only Sewing and Quilting Machine

Singer S16 Studio Industrial-Grade True Straight Stitch Only Sewing and Quilting MachineThe Singer S16 is a high speed sewing machine perfect for high volume purposes and for quilting. If you are looking for a sewing machine with industrial strength to accomplish bulk sewing tasks, this machine is your best option. It is also great for large fabrics or large blankets.

Product Details

The Singer S16 features the straight stitch precision. It can do 1,600 stitches in one minute, and you can expect that each stitch is perfect. It is built to be simple, which means you would not need to complicate things out because this machine is programmed to function perfectly and speedily. The automatic needle threader is designed to be user-friendly, and so doe the presser foot sensor. It has the programmable needle set at an up or down and a knee lifter that is used for quilting.

Pros and Cons

Fast, accurate, can work double time, and very easy to use, this machine is an ideal for your bulk sewing projects in straight-only stitch. It is also durable and built to last for long years. Although it is impossible to carry this machine, or transfer it from one place to another from time to time, you will still love its solidity. From silk to whatever type of fabrics you need to sew, you will find this machine to function as flawlessly as expected.

Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine with Extension Table

SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing MachineThis machine is packed with lots of features and accessories. More than just an industrial sewing machine, this one is a computerized one and is built with a digital information advisor. It has everything you need for a sewing machine if you are for the customized projects or you want to be free when it comes to creativity.

Product Details

From the parts to the frames, this machine is built to be heavy duty. When it comes to features, the most significant thing you will love about this machine is its full-packed stitches and functions. With 103 built-in styles of sewing stitches, 13 buttonhole styles, 34 styles of decorative stitches, and 90 characters, numbers, and letters in five different fonts (450) – for a total of 600 styles, you will never run out of styles in stitches. It is also digital and it has an LCD screen for your computerized sewing.

Pros and Cons

This machine is quiet and it sews different fabrics nicely and perfectly. It is not only an energy-efficient machine, but also a money-saving package because of the features, accessories, and a lot of bonuses and free objects essential in sewing and in taking care of the machine. With its extension table, it is easier to sew large fabrics. The problem with this machine is that it has a plastic bobbin cover that tends to always come loose.

Singer 14T968DC Professional  Serger Overlock 5-4-3-2 Thread Capability with Auto Tension

SINGER 14T968DC Professional 5 5-4-3-2 Thread Capability Serger Overlock with Auto TensionYou can now expand your creativity and craftsmanship when it comes to sewing, because this Singer 14T968DC has a wide range of options for stitches. The 5-4-3-2 Thread capability also offers the most innovative ways of sewing different styles for a precise work of arts.

Product Details

This sewing machine can stitch up to 1,300 stitches per minute and is capable of handling large fabrics. With differential feed, 6 presser feet, attachable clean pocket, 5-4-3-2 thread capability, fully automatic and the self-adjusting tension system, adjustable stitch length, and a lot more, this is a machine that you will want to keep.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to good performance, you can rely on this machine. Everything in it works perfectly fine, even for bulk projects. It is quiet and do not create any sound during operation, and since it is equipped with different types of presser foot, you can do any type of sewing projects and come out very satisfied with your end products. The only thing that will disappoint you is that it has no free-arm that you can use for easy sewing of cuffs, hats, or pant legs.

Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty Mechanical Sewing Machine with Free Bonus Package

Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty Mechanical Sewing MachineThe Janome HD3000 is a heavy duty type of sewing machine that is fully equipped with features and functions, plus all the bonus accessories to bring any of your sewing and quilting purposes to another height of experiences. You will find this machine to have the traditional features combined with the innovative and contemporary designs for a new set of competitive stitch designs and crafts.

Product Details

This machine has a solid body that is made of aluminum casting. It is a heavy duty machine, which means it is built to be highly durable. It can perform 18 different stitches and 1 one-step buttonhole. It has a built-in needle threader and a reverse lever for easy usage. The length and width of the stitches can be adjusted based on your preference. It comes with a free bonus package of items and accessories that you will need for a different style of sewing and stitching.

Pros and Cons

This machine is popular to many sewers not just because of its functions and features, but also because it is durable, heavy duty, and works well from fabric to fabric. If you need a reliable sewing machine that you can use for stitches and for most of your quilting purposes, you will never be disappointed with this machine.

Janome HD1000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine with 14 Built-in Stitches

Janome HD1000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine with 14 Built-In StitchesThis Janome HD1000 sewing machine is built with a combination of the old and traditional features and new ones. More than that, this machine is a versatile one that can perform different stitches and sewing functions. If you are troubled about the generation gap between your sewers, this machine will always keep the bridge open for a successful and smooth flow of your sewing projects.

Product Details

This machine has a heavy duty motor, lightweight frame, and a lot of accessories and features to use for different types of stitches and functions. Although you will find that most of the functions are manually operated, the versatility of this machine is indeed commendable. With 14 stitches, 4-step buttonhole, and accessories like hem guide, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, and a free-arm, you can just sew whatever you need to sew.

Pros and Cons

This sewing machine is a quality machine powerful enough to handle loads of projects and sewing tasks. Equipped with versatility, you can use for any type of sewing purposes. And because it has all the features that you want from a sewing machine, it is a favorite machine among professional sewers, especially for those who are using industrial ones.

Singer SG590 Commercial Grade Sewing Machine

Singer CG590 Commercial Grade Sewing MachineBeing a Commercial Grade Sewing Machine, the Singer CG590 is a heavy duty machine that is built to perform at such a great strength and speed. Sewing is brought to its higher level because of this machine.

Product Details

Featuring a stronger motor, 18 built-in stitches, automatic 4-step buttonhole, top drop in bobbin, faster sewing speed, horizontal thread delivery, convenient drop feed, stitch balance control, needle position selector, exclusive electronic foot control, stitch width lever, thread tension dial, and a whole lot more, you will love this sewing machine as it gives you the performance that exceeds your expectations.

Pros and Cons

The amazing qualities of this sewing machine are that it works well and fast, and its powerful motor is capable of doing fast stitching and quality performance. Durable, innovative, and easy-to-use, this is an industrial machine that is worth its price and value. Although it functions well, maintenance and repairs are frequently needed, and that the bobbin winding system is poorly built.

Singer 20U109 Complete Industrial Commercial-Grade Zig Zag and Straight-Stitch Sewing Machine

SINGER 20U109 Complete Industrial Commercial-Grade ZigZag and Straight-Stitch Sewing MachineFor a commercial grade sewing machine, this Singer 20U109 is the top of the line. Using this machine, you can sew and stitch different types of fabrics and a wide range of layers to accomplish your projects. The strength of the motor will keep you empowered to get through all your sewing purposes.

Product Details

The Singer 20U109 is a powerful and a big machine. It is built and designed to handle bulk projects and large fabrics. It can sew up to 2,500 stitches in one minute, making it almost three times powerful than any other leading brands of sewing machines. The attached Knee Lifter allows you to raise and low down the presser foot without using your hands. Although this is designed only for the straight and zigzag stitches, you will be amazed at how it can do a wide range of zigzag and straight stitches of different width and length for any types of fabrics and designs.

Pros and Cons

Compared to many industrial sewing machines, this heavy duty and durable machine sews faster and better consistently. With all the features, you can sew any types of stitches at an ease, without the need for other sewing machines to complete the tasks.

Juki MO654DE Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine

JUKI MO654DE Portable Thread Serger Sewing MachineYou can now enhance your crafts in sewing, stitching, hemming, and in doing pretty much everything. It can handle not just the lightest fabrics, but even the heaviest ones. If you will get a sewing machine, consider the one that will allow you to stitch in such a higher level of performance, and this will save you more on costs.

Product Details

This Juki industrial sewing machine features the 2-3-4 Thread Serger that comes with an automatic rolled hem, threading breakaway that is color-coded, knife system, and a safety switch to lock the machine when not in use. The feed can be adjusted to accommodate any types of fabrics and designs. If you have a home business for sewing, alterations, and repairs, you will definitely find this machine your best option as it can do different kinds of stitches and styles.

Pros and Cons

Aside from being durable, heavy duty, and powerful motor, this machine is a versatile machine that is user-friendly, lightweight, portable, and with easy-to-follow color coding in threads. It can do a lot of functions, but it has the limited stitch options.

Juki TL-2010Q Needle, Lockstitch, Portable Sewing Machine with Automatic Thread Trimme

Juki TL-2010Q 1-Needle, Lockstitch, Portable Sewing Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer for QuiltingThe Juki TL-2010Q is a great and high performance machine built not just for stitching, but also for many different sewing purposes like quilting, tailoring, and decorative stitching. You will love how this machine can do many functions, and with just a minimal price for a heavy duty machine, you will really find it worthwhile.

Product Details

This aluminum die-casted machine comes with a bonus package for essential tools and accessories for sewing. It has the arm and a bed that allows you to sew larger fabrics. It also comes with an automatic thread trimmer, foot controller, LED light, sub tension unit, even feed foot, two types of quilting foot feed, knee lifter lever, thread tension scale, and an option for the adjustment of presser foot pressure. It also features a maximum sewing speed control, maximum predetermined stop position of the needle, and a lot of free bonus items from the Juki.

Pros and Cons

Being a lightweight and portable type of industrial sewing machine, you can have the option to change locations depending on your preference and necessity. It also offers a wider working area that allows you to work and move freely while completing the projects.

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